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Title Insurance Information

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Title Insurance Information

Title insurance is an exclusively American invention. First offered in the late 1800's, Title Insurance is a contract between the insured and the title company. Under the terms of the contract the insured agrees to pay a premium and the title company agrees to defend the title or pay losses the Insured may suffer if the title is challenged or defective. Unlike most types of insurance which protect against events in the future, Title Insurance insures against events that happened in the past.

There are many hidden defects which can cause the complete or partial loss of your home or business property. Here are a few of the most common hidden risks that can cause loss of title or create an encumbrance on title:
False Representations
Lost or Misinterpreted Wills
Deeds by Minors
Mistakes in Descriptions
Undisclosed/Missing Heirs
Clerical Errors
Illegal Trusts
Liens for Unpaid Taxes
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